About us

Moo LaLa is a passion healing project created by Brenda Ahearn, specializing in handcrafted tallow balms, tallow candles, and tallow lotion candles. Each product is lovingly made with the finest, ethically sourced ingredients to ensure a luxurious experience for our valued customers.

Hi, I’m Brenda Ahearn, the proud founder of Moo LaLa and a mother to two beautiful boys.

As someone who has personally experienced the challenges of Long Covid, I embarked on a journey to find natural remedies that nourish and heal. Inspired by my own struggles, I discovered the incredible benefits of tallow, a nutrient-rich ingredient known for its moisturizing and restorative properties.

Driven by my desire to create products that enhance both physical and emotional well-being, I began meticulously crafting tallow balms and tallow candles under the name Moo LaLa. With a deep commitment to sustainable practices, I carefully select ingredients that align with my values of eco-consciousness and cruelty-free sourcing.

Every Moo LaLa product is a labor of love, handmade in small batches to ensure the utmost quality and attention to detail.

Whether it’s our moisturizing tallow balms that provide intense hydration for dry skin, or our delicately scented tallow lotion candles that infuse your space with a soothing ambiance, Moo LaLa is dedicated to bringing joy and comfort into your life.

At Moo LaLa, we value creating a sense of connection and community. We cherish the opportunity to share our journey and products with others, with the hope that they will provide the same relief and comfort that they have brought to me and my family.

Join me on this beautiful journey to self-care and healing with Moo LaLa, where nature meets nurture and simple ingredients yield extraordinary results.